Welcome to the Paradise Cup

Aloha and Welcome to the Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championships. You will be happy to know that the focus at this years show as with every other show is the competitor. The Paradise Cup Team will be going to great lengths in order to show off your talents in the best possible way safely. You are the show! Please listen to the people in charge of the show so your experience will be enriching and a memory that will last forever. You have entered the Paradise Cups all new website that will grow as the event progresses and opportunities arrise for all of those who wish to participate in this event.

It is our desire to make every year’s event better than the last. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers, competitors and guests for the opportunity to show the world how great the sport of bodybuilding can really be. We are happy that many of the guest posers, guest judges, entertainers, governors, and heads of leading organizations that have come to the Paradise Cup really enjoyed themselves and admired how well the event was put together.

As always with the Paradise Cup is a fairly long event because of the number of competitors and the amount of content that is needed to exemplify the talents of the competitors. It is our promise to you as the competitor and your families that there will be no delays (without reason), added fluff or just anything that will slow the true art of the show. We will always be true to the sport of bodybuilding in Hawaii and we hope you enjoy yourself at this years PARADISE CUP BODYBUILDING | PHYSIQUE | FIGURE | BIKINI CHAMPIOSHIPS!

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