Paradise Cup Gold Medalion

1. What is the date of the Paradise Cup in 2019?
Answer: Paradise Cup Grand Championship & Expo will be Saturday, November 16, 2019; Hawaii Convention Center – Prejudging is $20 at the door and starts at 8:00 a.m. Night Show doors open at 4 p.m.

2. When are the applications to become a competitor due for the Paradise Cup Grand November 16, 2019 Show?
Answer: 6:59 p.m. November 15, 2019 although the earlier you enter the cheaper the application fee

3. What is the youngest a competitor may be?
Answer: Sixteen (16); A trusted adult Parent or Guardian must attend to teen competitor backstage and be with them at all times.

4. What are the fees associated with becoming a competitor at this years show?

  • Early due by August 31, 2018 entry fee only $99
  • Regular entries between September 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019 entry fee $109
  • Late entries between November 1, 2019 and November 8, 2019 entry fee $149
  • Applications at weigh-in are $189

5. How many competitors will there be?
Answer: We average in past few years has been around 220 competitors at the Grand November Shows.

6. What time will the Evening Show End?
Answer: This year we plan to finish before 11:00 p.m. It is a long show because of the number of competitors, but we will expedite all divisions as fast as possible without taking away from the individual competitors’ performance.

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