Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championships History


Size of Event

The Paradise Cup is an NPC sanctioned national qualifier and is the largest bodybuilding event in Hawaii and has been for many years. The event consistently registers over 180 competitors in over twelve weight classes and gender specific competitions.

Men’s Novice Division Men’s Master Division Men’s Open Division Men’s Physique Division Women’s Figure Division Women’s Masters Figure Division Women’s Bikini Division

Biography Of Owners

The Paradise Cup was formed by four men, Pat Coleman, Guy Leong, Greg Lefcourt and Francais Silva in 1983. After a short period Greg and Guy were the two creating this fantastic event every year. They were avid athletes that desired to make the sport of bodybuilding great in the state of Hawaii.

Guy passed away on November 23, 2010 and is sorely missed. He had a fantastic passion for health and wellness and the Paradise Cup became the best show in Hawaii because of Guy’s attention to detail and his care of the competitors. Guy had a true respect for the individuals that train for 6-9 months to get ready for his championship competition and his heartfelt enthusiasm is not forgotten by those who had met and known Guy.

Greg was a captain in the Hawaii Police Department and now holds the title of Assistant Chief Lefcourt. As a highly respected individual in Hawaii he brings the philosophies, character and ethics of the police force along with him as he manages the competitions. His passion for health and wellness in addition to the respect for the discipline it takes to enter this event has brought the event to an everlasting high in the community. He passed away in 2015 unexpectedly and the show will forever be carried along in the image that Greg and Guy had set up.

Today the show is owned and operated by Paradise Cup Management Corp. The CEO and manager is Mark Pokraka. Born in Massachussets, reared in Rhode Island Mark moved to Hawaii on December 10, 1986. Married a beautiful Asian girl and had a strong son Joshua. Joshua won the state football championship in 2013 at Kaiser high school where Mark helped coach. After graduation Joshua’s mom passed away and now is attending Arizona State University. Mark is a full time web developer in the business of marketing and promotion since 1990. Mark met Greg Lefcourt in 1996 after he had seen some of Marks promotional materials for the Golds Gym Bodybuilding Show back then. Greg was an amazing “monster” of a man that was so gentle that he put my infant son to sleep the first time he picked him up. Guy and Greg became fast friends of Mark’s and that really showed what the Paradise Cup was all about. Mark worked with them on all of their promotional materials, posters, fliers, website, tickets, programs, etc. until 2010 when Guy Leong passed away. That next Year Greg was heavily involved with the APEC so Mark & Greg partnered to promote the show. It was a great relationship because Greg loved to be the front man in the show and Mark was happy to run the show behind the scenes. After Gregg’s passing it is Mark’s mission to keep Greg & Guy’s philosophy of the show alive and make the competitors the focus of the event. “If it doesn’t benefit the competitor we will not do it”. “It’s not about the money”

Notable Accomplishments

Being the largest competition is only important if you are highly respected in the community. The event has had over 3700 competitors over the years with an average of 1800 spectators every at every event. If you ask anyone in any gym on the islands when “THE CUP” is they will most likely be able to tell you the date and sometimes the time of the event. Most all gyms are involved on the islands so the Paradise Cup is very visible.

What fuels your passion for your sport?

The passion for bodybuilding comes from the art-form of sculpting a human body. Athletes and non athletes take this to many degrees of completion. The CUP brings the light to health and fitness in Hawaii. It’s a show to display what you have accomplished over the past six to nine months. It now becomes a way of life and a for many that have the trophies that they take home, it is a mark in their history that they will always remember.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of this competition is to have the sport of bodybuilding and it’s competitors achieve their goals and exhibit their accomplishments on stage for all to see.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Our favorite athlete is the CPA that gets up at 4am to hit the gym before he goes to work. He’s the Father of four that shares his healthy appetite with his family and enjoys going to all of his children’s sporting events. It’s the woman that is juggling 2 jobs to pay for the extra supplements and the babysitter while she enjoys a great workout at the gym. It’s the individual that gives life a kick in the ass every time they get knocked down. That’s our favorite athlete.

What is your choice for energy foods?

Apples, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Lean Breast Chicken, Salmon, Salad and lots of water and Coffee. I love my coffee!