Paradise Cup – Event Postponed

To all of our paradise cup competitors, volunteers and loyal guests; our Ohana:

In 2016 we celebrated the largest event in our 33 year history. We are immensely grateful for everyone who supported the show. It was an amazing opportunity to honor the legacy of Greg Leftcourt and Guy Leong, our founders. As we look to the future we see the paradise cup growing as an even bolder and grander event for the health and fitness community. Respecting how important this production is to so many people requires an even higher investment in time and attention to detail. There is so much interest from new participants in this ever larger presentation that the schedule for the next paradise cup will now take place in late 2018.

The preparation for this ambitious fitness expo will include multiple media and promotional events. This process provides an opportunity for our sponsors and competitors to showcase the benefits of the fitness lifestyle. As always, all the effort and dedication will be displayed in positive results! Our goal to is to celebrate all of this progress with everyone together on our way to the big show.

Let’s make it happen!

The best things in life are worth waiting for.

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